Signs That Indicate You Have A Greasy Scalp #BeautyTruthBomb

Of all the hair woes, having a greasy scalp is the most annoying. While most products aim to nourish and hydrate your hair, we all are hunting for solutions to get rid of the greasy scalp. 


Here is a list of signs that will help you to indicate that you have a greasy scalp:


Your hair looks shiny and slick, but not in a good way

We all strive to have luscious and shiny hair. It looks very oily even if you don’t apply oil to your hair. The oil production happens on our scalp where the hair follicles are your tresses which look shiny and slick, especially on the top of your head for all the wrong reasons.  


Your scalp is unusually itchy

Did you know that unusual dryness and itchiness don’t always point to dryness? Most people who experience dandruff and itchy scalps suffer from an oily scalp. So, if you're under the impression that itchiness in your hair is caused due to dryness, and you use products and solutions for that, you may be making your oily scalp situation worse. 


Your hair looks flat post-wash dry

If you dread hair wash days and think that washing your hair is a useless exercise because your hair's going to look flat in a day anyway, you have a greasy scalp. Having oil in your scalp means that your hair will be weighed down by the grease and will also look flat - and no, an emergency blow dry won't fix that. 


What can be done? Is this it for your hair? Luckily, no. A few products for greasy and oily scalps exist, which can take care of the sebum production and de-grease your hair while restoring its bounce and natural shine. Use the clean beauty products for your hair that is free of all parabens and silicones that would likely weigh your hair down and contribute to the problem.