'Single's Inferno' Kim Hyun Joong reveals the reason behind unfollowing Free Zia on Instagram

Song Ji-ah AKA Free Zia and Kim Hyun-joong gained a lot of attention on 'Single's Infermo' for their love. From the beginning of the show, they showered love and support for each other and have saved each other many times during the tasks. They both received a lot of love from the audience for their constant support of each other. However, the love was apparently short-lived as Free Zia was embroiled in a controversy over wearing fake brand clothes.

The netizens realized that Kim Hyun-joong who was following Free Zia on Instagram unfollowed her after the controversy. Due to this many started the speculations that he wants to cut ties with the YouTuber due to the heightening of the controversy. Well, to answer the questions of fans, Kim Hyun-joong himself answered to media outlets and revealed how he was taken aback when people speculated that he want to cut ties with the YouTuber.

He commented, "We still have good feelings toward each other and we still contact each other in between broadcasts. What reason would I have to cut ties with her?" On the reason for unfollowing Zia he said, "Well many people are interested in us and Ji Ah wasn't following me in the first place. So I didn't want to create various talks about this, so I just unfollowed her. There are no other reasons. To be honest, at that time, I didn't even know she was embroiled in a controversy." However, he refrained from commenting any further due to the ongoing issues and requested everyone to not spread any hatred.

Do you think this is the real reason?