'Single's Inferno' Kim Jun-sik extends support to Free Zia via a hidden message

'Single's Inferno' contestant Kim Jun-sik extended his support to his fellow and the most controversial contestant of the show, Free Zia also known as Ji Ah. He made a post on Instagram which looked nothing more than an encouraging message at first glance. However, at a closer look, the fans realized it was a hidden message to support Free Zia after her fake brand controversy.

The message went like, "There are a lot of difficulties during a period of internal and external crisis. I want to be a person who shows through actions rather than just saying 'cheer up' with words. No matter how merciless life can be, the path will always become visible. No matter how difficult it may be, it will all work out with time. You worked hard last year. I hope we can meet again smiling." However, the fans were quick to notice that if we take the first letter of each line, the message, "Ji Ah, cheer up!" can be visible in reverse. Even the exclamation mark is on the top of the paragraph.

Netizens were delighted to see that he came out in her support if not openly. Free Zia was embroiled in a controversy after K-netizens realized that she wore fake brand clothes to the show and even on her Instagram posts. Due to the controversy, the YouTuber had to delete all her Instagram posts and was also removed from many other shows.

The controversy received a lot of attention and many came out in support of Free Zia as well, however, no contestant of "Single's Inferno" supported her openly. Therefore, Kim Jun-sik was really appreciated for supporting the YouTuber.