"Single's Inferno" star Song Jia's $2.5 Million USD Luxury Apartment Creates Controversy

The breakout star Free Zia (Song Jia) is getting immense popularity from the Netflix Dating reality show "Single's Inferno", but two controversies have already aligned with it. The star's young and rich persona recently got damaged, after she was found out to be wearing fake luxury 'Chanel' tops in the show. She posted a public apology letter regarding this issue. Now, new rumors are circulating about her luxury home in Seoul Forest Trimage apartments, Seoul. It is apparently the home to celebrities like BTS' J-Hope, EXO's Baekhyun, Girls Generation's Sunny, Super Junior members Kim Heechul, Choi Siwon, Lee Teuk, and also for Jungkook before he sold it in 2020. With star-studded neighbors, each apartment costs about millions of dollars.

WikiTree released a report that the influencer has been lying about her residence. Song Ji-A doesn't own the apartment, and her company 'Hyowon Agency' is paying a monthly rent. Following this, her house tour video is now deleted on YouTube, in which she openly revealed that the house costs $2.5 million USD, but without mentioning the truth. Although the monthly rental system is followed by many Korean citizens, it is quite problematic in the celebrity's situation.

Netizens gave the following reactions:

  • "So does that mean even this home was given to her by her agency?!"
  • "It looks like her agency is really supporting her hahaha..."
  • "This is paid for monthly by her Chinese label haha."
  • "So even this was paid monthly by her agency."
  • "This home is paid for by Ji A's Chinese agency. With Chinese assets. After her controversy, Ji A's home video has been put on private and the video is gone."
  • "Your agency pays for it monthly, so what do you mean it's ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.52 million USD)?"
  • "All of her clothes are knock-offs and her place is paid monthly by her label. Please take this video down."

What are your thoughts on this?