Skin Ampoules: Another Korean Step Or A Revolution?

Before you freak out assuming you ought to add another step in your morning routine, keep calm and read on.


Simply put, skin ampoules are boosted serums with a higher concentration of active ingredients in them. Same as a shot of your serum. You can only use them for a fixed amount of time. While serums are particular for skin concerns and types, ampoules challenge crisis conditions. Like a doctor’s prescription, ampoules don’t make it on your routine. But it is for a short period.



Yes. Since ampoules have very high concentrations of active ingredients, they come in lesser containers than your average moisturizer or serum. But when single-use tablets or capsules are bottled in glass vials, tiny; the world calls them skin capsules.  



Even an ardent worshipper of the 10-step Korean beauty routine can fumble her way through it on a bad morning. And since the lines between serums, essences, and ampoules are extremely blurred, consider this your starter pack to K-beauty. 


A toner deep tones and cleanse your skin. An essence hydrates skin. A moisturizer moisturizes. A serum is for a specific skin concern. While ampoules are the SOS to your emergencies. So far so good? Toners and essences are far from concentrated and are thin in texture. While serums and ampoules are concentrated with active ingredients and slightly thicker naturally sourced from Korea.


The only job of an essence is to hydrate your skin. In that way, they’re a lot like toners, albeit with more nourishing properties. Essences are a watered-down kind of your serum. On the other hand, while serum and day cream are your mainstays, ampoules don’t contain any essential hydrating ingredients you find in a moisturizer, nor does it have adequate nourishing properties serum and essence claims of.


To further break it down, ampoules are more effective than serums and serums are more effective than essence. And more often than not; ampoules and serum are interchangeable. While toners and essences are interchangeable. This ought to clear out where an ampoule generally lies in the Korean beauty skincare routine.