Is the SM Entertainment building about to collapse? Employees concerned after experiencing tremors.

Employees are expressing concern after Acro Seoul Forest Building suddenly started shaking. The building is home to SM Entertainment along with companies like Hyundai Glovis Co and Socar Company. Apparently, employees of other companies were asked to reach home earlier and do work from home. But SM Entertainment has sent an e-mail to all employees stating that "there is nothing wrong with the safety of the building, so please come into work like normal".

An office worker anonymously said "Many employees felt vertical shaking rather than horizontal shaking and the company didn't show any concern for its employees, whether they were at home or not. I couldn't help but be disappointed with our company when I saw the way they treated the employees compared to the other companies in the same building".

Another employee uploaded a post on Jan 20th and claimed that many signs are indicating the building is about to collapse, such as: the building shakes all day long, some parts of the floors protruded, water leak from the ceiling, windproof sound on the elevator, and cracked windows downstairs.

Others said "There have been a few light tremors here and there, but today was something else. All the employees around me were shocked with disbelief", "Those tremors we felt today were seriously concerning... I don't know if I should go to work tomorrow", "I was really scared because of how severe the tremors were today. Is this really okay?"

The construction company, DL ENC, will reportedly install a measuring instrument on each floor to monitor and analyze. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport also started checking the building for safety hazards, and the results of diagnosis will be disclosed at a later date.

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