SM Entertainment planning to debut NCT Tokyo along with NCT Hollywood?

SM Entertainment has reportedly plans to debut two new units under NCT, and netizens are having mixed reactions to it.

Although NCT Hollywood was confirmed last year, NCT Tokyo has yet to be officially confirmed. Apparently, the NCT Hollywood will be formed by a reality show, and founder Lee Soo-Man and some established members of NCT will be mentors in the show.

Both these news had negative reactions from netizens. They believe that the groups will be mismanaged like how WayV and members without a proper unit like Shotaro and Sungchan are given fewer promotional activities.

They feel that NCT's concept feels very overstretched now, as there are already 23 members! Do you think SM should debut a group out of the NCT umbrella? Or does the NCT Hollywood and NCT Tokyo concept look interesting to you?