From a small-screen actress to finally walking on the red carpet, has Hina Khan finally lived her dream?

People support Hina Khan because she is undoubtedly a strong woman. She has a lot of physical and mental strength and the way she carries herself is commendable. She was never abused in any fight in the Big Boss house. Also, she was always ready to take a stand against anything wrong that happened in the bb house. Moreover, she was always there when her friends needed her and she even risked her survival in the house by nominating herself when her friends were in danger of getting evicted. She used to forgive people after having fights with them and she totally entertained us by doing some of the other fun stuff. Also, she never failed to express her point of view even when everyone was against her.


As an outsider and also someone who worked has given her important years working in the small-screen industry, Hina Khan has surely established her way into Bollywood. She became seriously famous after she joined the nepotism debate in Bollywood. It's good to see Hina Khan finally living her dream as she was seen walking on the red carpet at the Cannes festival.


Do you support Hina Khan's supremacy??