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Smudged Lips, The Latest Lipstick Trend for 2021!

Smudged Lips are the trend of the season.

Imperfect looking lips are seen on runways, fashion magazines and street culture. It looks as if you were drinking something that was vibrant red, violet berry, pink or magenta, and it seeps into the lines of your lips and stains the surrounding skin—which is the new, trendy look. This is what smudged lips are all about.

No more trying to line the perfect lip. With smudged lips, you can relax and close your eyes, and put your lips on—smudge style. Smudged lips are what you need to be wearing. Take a lip brush or use your finger and start dabbing and smudging your lipstick into your lips and a tad outside the lip line.

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to rock this look!

Messy, lived-in, distressed and imperfect looking lips are a vibe. Have fun and start experimenting with your lipsticks and glosses.

Smudging your lipstick in the past was seen as the worst beauty outcome that could have resulted. Imaging having a change of heart and mind, today, smudged lipstick is now becoming a trend. Fashion models and artists have made it into something to be proud of. In fact, it has been a trending fashion and beauty trend in 2021. The future prospect of this specific beauty trend is bound to stay.

I think after reading about this trend, I’m not going to worry about wearing lipstick under my mask and it getting smudged! Do y’all agree ladies?!

Let’s get innovative and try this puckin’ amazing trend!


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