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So That Was Shanaya Kapoor’s Struggle Story

I was recently watching Maheep Kapoor’s interview where was telling that why she never considered acting and it’s not her cup of tea but her daughter Shanaya Kapoor on the other hand always knew that she wanted to become an actor. Shanaya Kapoor was obsessed with her cousin Sonam Kapoor, it was at the sets of Sonam’s first movie Saawariya where they went to celebrate Sonam’s birthday, is when Shanaya decided she wanted to be an actor. She was just 7 or 8 years old then and what Maheep said was Shanaya felt as if she has entered a disneyland and that’s when the deal was sealed for her.

When Maheep was asked how she and her husband actor Sanjay Kapoor reacted when they got to know that Shanaya got her debut film offer. She said that they went mad and emotional, Shanaya went to meet Karan Johar in his office and that was it. Karan was the one who called Maheep Kapoor to give the news that they have OFFERED Shanaya Kapoor a film and how it is just perfect for her. How she explained Shanaya’s struggle was that once she decided to be an actor at the age of 8 she never changed her mind, she worked really hard for it.

I mean of course taking the effort to leave her house in a luxury car and meeting one of the biggest producer of the industry who probably himself must have called her and then just like that getting an offer of a film is really a struggle, it definitely doesn't sound easy I must say!


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