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LET'S MAKE A SWITCH #gifted I have been using commercial shampoos since I was born. To make a switch after 40 years is something that triggers but when it is for good ,it shows also. So finally I decided to make a switch in my haircare by using shampoo bars which is still new to me. WHY SHAMPOO BARS? These are eco friendly, sustainable options to commercial shampoo's. They last longer than other shampoos. They reduce wastage of plastic. Just imagine They are as perfect competitor for other shampoos. They are in my opinion more effective than chemical loaded shampoos. @soap_square MORINGA ,ROSEMARY and PEPPERMINT anti dandruff shampoo bar is my first shampoo bar. Its still so much left and its been full one month I'm using it. This bar lives upto its claims and my dandruff is gone. And this is not only used by me but by my son too who is suffering majorly from dandruff. My dandruff is gone fully and his dandruff is reduced to quite a good extent. This adds volume to hairs and its like food for your hair. After using this the hairs are manageable and soft though not shiny. As I was a beginner I tried it 2 ways. Firstly ,i directly used it on scalp and lathered well and washed off after massaging. Other way i tried lathering it first on hands than masaaging hands on hairs. I preferred former one much as I felt it cleansed my scalp well. You can use what ever you prefer. Going to purchase other variants soon and ofcourse the conditioner bars too as I felt the need to condition my hair. #bornoninstagram


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