Solo Artists You Need to Listen to ASAP

1. Chung Ha Former member of IOI, Chung HA has an impressive discography, each song being a masterpiece in its own right. Her latest releases have seen her move towards an English speaking audience and we cannot wait to hear what she has lined up for us. 2. Jeong Sewoon Jeong Sewoon is known for his remarkable OST’s, but does not receive enough attention for his solo releases. They are generally acoustic mixed with electric music and very catchy so be sure to check him out ASAP. 3. IU An actress and soloist, IU has been in the industry for over a decade now. However, she does not stop being iconic with her sound evolving with the trends of the industry. She is greatly loved in South Korea and her latest release Celebrity has also started a new trend on Instagram. 4. WOODZ Former X1 and UNIQ member Cho Seungyeon alias WOODZ is a great producer and singer. His songs are all popular and interesting. His sound has evolved but remains largely separated from the mainstream.