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Some Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s insanely expensive outfits!

You’ll be shocked to see the prices.

Blackpink's Kim Jennie, the IT GIRL of the k-pop industry and also known as Human Chanel is known for her strong fashion game. Here are the times she shocked everyone with her insanely costly outfits!

1. Jennie’s shirt from “Playing With Fire”.

Though this shirt might not look too expensive, it’s one of the most expensive items Jennie has ever worn. The shirt costs over 1,264 USD (₹92,102)

2. Jennie’s white dress from “Solo”.

The simple floral dress costs around a whopping 11,972 USD (₹8, 72,351)

3.Jennie’s white outfit from “Kill This Love”.

The white outfit Jennie that Jennie was wearing at the beginning of the music video is shockingly expensive as it costs around 19,813 USD (₹14, 43,693)

4. One of Jennie’s outfits from “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

While it is old news that Jennie has one of the most expensive outfits in the k-pop industry, her outfit at the beginning of the music video is also an expensive one. In total, the outfit costs around 9,695 USD (₹7, 06,435)


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