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Someone called Lata Mangeshkar Overrated On Twitter, Netizens Hilariously Disagreed.!!

Someone posted “Indians have been brainwashed into thinking that Lata Mangeshkar has a good voice.” She further continued with "*sets bait and waits with a fly swat*" this triggered a lot of tweets to started going against her statement. “As for other musical greats heaping praise on her, it's because she carried clout mostly. She's known to have been pretty vindictive and ruthless. Nobody would have wanted to cross her because of the power she wielded”. Neitzens went ahead and defend the great singer “Lata Mangeshkar made her place noticeable in a heavily male dominant industry.She single handedly monopolised not because we didn’t have any options but there was literally no one who came close to the quality of her voice. These woke people would say shit just to sound cool" and "Please stop complaining about Lata Mangeshkar. If ever there was a human voice that was so perfect that it actually could be a musical instrument, that was Lata Mangeshkar. She was a perfect instrument" these are just a few comments! This was purely created for attention and randomly disrespecting a world renowned singer is absolutely unacceptable! Was this even needed??!

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