Is Sonam Kapoor a diva or a self-made actor?

To your surprise those who think that Sonam Kapoor has always lived a lavish life and isn’t someone who would ask for anything less but only luxury for her life, She has worked as a waitress while studying in Singapore.

After her debut, she bought a designer bag for herself from Selfridges in London as she has never taken any designer bag from her parents.

The actress grabbed eyeballs during the promotion of her movie players, she has never failed from proclaming that she has always been spontaneous and young at heart. She has always been known for making witty and quick statements through the way she styles herself or through some of her comments and opinions.

Sonam is also the brand ambassador of the Elle breast cancer campaign. With a net worth of 13 million dollars. Is it okay to have an attitude of a princess tell us if are right in the comments?