Is Sonam Kapoor planning to leave Bollywood for good to settle in UK with husband Anand Ahuja?

When Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor returned to India after a year of living in London with her husband Anand Ahuja, rumours about her pregnancy started going around and now there are rumours that the actress might be quitting Bollywood for good. These rumours started going around after Sonam revealed that the she has been studying for the ‘Life in the UK Test’ which is taken by the people who seek permanent British citizenship in the United Kingdom.


These rumours cannot be trusted for now since she has an upcoming Bollywood movie title Blind lined up. However, Sonam has expressed her love for the UK numerous times and with her husband settled in London, the actress is more than likely to spend more time overseas than in India which will eventually affect her career graph.


Will you miss Sonam Kapoor if she decided to quit Bollywood? Why do you think she is seeking a British citizenship when India has given her and her family so much love, fame and power?