Song Joong Ki Makes The Perfect Comeback with SPACE SWEEPERS!

Space Sweepers is Korea’s first big-budget sci-fi adventure! Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Hai Jin and Jin Seon Kyu have broken records by rising to the top of the world movie rankings on Netflix within a day after its release! The Korean Movie was the perfect comeback for one of the biggest actors of ‘The Film Industry Of Korea’, Song Joong Ki. Who left no stone unturned to look the part of a skilled space-trash collecting man (space janitor!) who scrapes through days without a single penny! Well the movie holds no love interest for the actor which was quite an interesting turn instead played a father who combs through the universe in search for his adopted daughter. Song Joong Ki made me tear up when he tries to fight all odds just for a glimpse of his child. He didn’t shy away from emoting a vulnerable side of himself, dug through garbage cans in search of shoes and until the end was covered in blood, sweat and dirt. The movie did fail to show the distress regarding the ecological disaster threatening the Earth and majorly focused on the members of the spaceship, Victory as well as Dorothy who unknowingly saves the day!