Song Joong Ki’s return to K-Drama Land!

As his movie Space Sweepers on Netflix continues to gather attention, fans are now curious and excited for Song Joong Ki’s new drama Vincenzo.

Song Joong Ki plays Vincenzo Cassano, an Italian lawyer, and Mafia who is Korean by birth but was adopted by an Italian family at a young age. After he moves back to Korea due to a conflict in his organization, he ends up meeting a witty lawyer Hong Cha Young ( Jeon Yeo Bin), and her intern Jang Joon Woo ( 2PM’s Taecyeon). Together they join hands to take down villains who are not being punished by the court of law.

Some stills from the drama have been revealed teasing the fans who are waiting for Song to debut again in the television scene. The production crew shared, “Foreigner Vincenzo’s entry into Korea will be exciting from the beginning. The events that are about to unfold will be beyond your imagination. Please look forward to a new side of Song Joong Ki you’ve never seen before.”

The Drama is set to premiere on February 20, 2021.