Sonu Sood's Charity Called Out For Fraud, But Why?

Sonu Sood’s philanthropy is being questioned by a lot of Twitter users lately. But, what is the exact matter? So, there have been instances where some users trapped Sood by creating a fake account on Twitter, tagged him in their tweet and asked him to help them out with plasma. They mentioned hospitals that DO NOT exist. Sonu Sood reposted their stories with the message ‘Plasma has been delivered.’ Where did he deliver the plasma when the hospital does not exist? Some users have also noticed that he responds to accounts that have less than 5 followers, who didn't even tag him for help. How did the tweets reach him? Back in October 2020 also, people complained that Sonu Sood's charity is not legitimate and his rise is suspicious. In fact, Kangana Ranaut also liked a post that called Sonu Sood a 'fraud.'

Recently celebs like Mallika Dua and Neha Dhupia took to social media and thanked him for helping out their family members and friends. Do you think Sonu Sood's charity is playing a foul game with the public? Comment your thoughts below.