The Sopranos: The OG crime show to binge-watch this weekend

If the title and short clips of the show make you think that it's only about crime and gangsters, you need to watch it to be proved wrong. Created by David Chase, 'The Sopranos' is a show that centers around a mob boss named Tony Sopranos as he struggles to strike a balance between work and life. This was such a refreshing take on the genre that only centered around men, guns,s, and violence. Here, we see a mob boss behaving normally like everyman inside his house with his family. The six seasons might feel too much, but once you start watching, you are bound to get hooked to this classic masterpiece of a show. 'The Sopranos' often makes its way into the greatest tv series and best-written show of all time. Even after so many years, it still holds its ground and is binge-worthy.