The South and Bollywood celebrities feud seems to be never ending!

We have been witnessing since so many years the back and forth 'comebacks' from South and Bollywood actors for things regarding movies. In recent lime light, one of the biggest super stars in Bollywood Salman Khan had made a comment on a why Hindi films don't work in the South. During the success of RRR, Salman had praised the entire cast and crew of the film and while doing so the actor had given his point of view and reasons as to why Hindi films don't work in his opinion.

While promoting KGF 2, Yash, the main lead of the movie gave a response to Salman on why Hindi movies don't work in South film industry. The actor said, ""It's not like that. Our films also never used to get this kind of reception, but what is happening from that part of the world, they have started playing dubbed versions here, people became familiar with the content of what we are creating. I think initially it started as a joke for entertainment because that show they used to treat it that way, but that is because of the kind of dubbing they used to do, nobody used to give importance to this space."

What is your opinion on this topic?