The Special court denied the bail request for Aryan Khan!

Breaking news! Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan has been in jail for the recent drug case he was caught in while travelling on a cruise ship, where NCB found drugs being ported in it.

Aryan Khan, had been in custody for a while now even though he was stated to be clean. His lawyers had asked for a bail plea in the court before also but the court refused to offer him bail, so they moved on to High Court for bail plea. Looks like today Aryan Khan will be seen taken to the Special Court and we would see Shah Rukh Khan inside the court with his son.

But he was denied bail by Special Court so now will Shah Rukh Khan's next step to be High Court? We got the news that the Special court denied their plea and Aryan Khan will still be held in jail even if he is innocent. Do you readers agree to the statement of the court to keep Aryan in jail or should he be released?

Will High Court take Aryan's case or will they deny hearing his plea? Even if they take his case will he receive bail or would be stalled by High Court too! What do you think Shah Rukh Khan do now, as we all know that he seems ver helpless seeing his 23 years old son is in jail and not getting a plea yet?

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