Spider-Man: No Way Home Third Trailer Reportedly Releasing Next Week

Marvel Studios & Sony are dropping Spider-Man: No Way Home's third trailer next week, according to a new British Board of Film Classification listing.

Spider-Man: No Way Home had a late start in terms of promotion. The film's official title was unveiled in February 2021 to celebrate the completion of production, although the first trailer didn't arrive until late August. The second trailer was released in mid-November, a few months later. Various one-sheets and promotional spots have been released since then. Following that, the blockbuster's press tour began, with both the actors and the producer presently on the road for junket interviews. Many fans assumed there wouldn't be another trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home given how close the release date is, but Marvel Studios and Sony are apparently dropping another one at the last minute.

Do you think Marvel & Sony will make this different move?