Squared Love is a feel good and intimate Polish romantic comedy. The premise being a celebrity journalist and renowned womanizer starts to rethink his life choices after he falls for a model who leads a double life.

It sets the tone of the film right from the beginning introducing the lead characters Monika, a beautiful model doing a glamorous photoshoot for a campaign and Enzo, in a happy mood trying to sneak in quietly into his girlfriend’s apartment. While Monika leading her double life as Klaudia, is just into it to pay off her father’s debt and Enzo who goes by Stefan is into it for his passion towards cars and to help his girlfriend’s marketing company from shutting down. Apart from this, Monika who teaches Enzo’s niece Ania, must make sure her career as a teacher doesn’t end while supporting her family.

Overall a typical rom-com where no one can guess that both Monika and Klaudia are literally the same person is surely predictable, maybe it’s the wig that is making them look the other way or the fact that a girl with glasses can’t be a model or did they take some inspiration from Bollywood, who knows? But it can be counted as a one-time watch if you are craving for some less drama romantic movie. Streaming now on Netflix.