'Squid Game' creates history after being nominated for four Screen Actor's Guild Awards

'Squid Game' continues to create history as it becomes the 1st non-English TV show nominated for SAG Award. The good news doesn't end here, it is not only nominated for one or two awards but for whopping four awards including 'Best Male Actor' for Lee Jung-jae, 'Best Female actor' for Jung Ho-yeon, 'Outstanding Ensemble' and 'Outstanding action performance by a stunt ensemble'. 

The writer and director of 'Squid Game' said in an interview, it's like his whole team’s effort coming to fruition. He said, “I think it has to be the happiest moment since we’ve created ‘Squid Game'." He continued "The fact, not just one or two leading actors were recognized, but the whole cast being nominated as the best ensemble. It brings me great joy as a director, who has cast and created the series, just being nominated.” This series has definitely paved a way for Asian cinema and we couldn't be more proud.

Congratulations to the whole cast and crew!