'Squid Game' fame Jung Ho-yeon to be cast in the next season of Zendaya's 'Euphoria'?

The two biggest Television queens Zendaya and Jung Ho-yeon, who wouldn't want a collab between these two women? 'Squid Game' actress Jung Ho-yeon was recently interviewed at Critics Choice Awards where the actress opened up about how she visited Euphoria's set after Zendaya invited her personally and when the reporter asked about the possibility of her appearance in the next season of the HBO series, the actress said;

"I would love to! Once I visited the set of Euphoria, and it was so nice to see the set because it's been a while after Squid Game. It was weird because I felt so comfortable. I'm not a team of Euphoria, but I felt more safe and comfortable. So, yeah." Meanwhile 'Squid Game' continues its winning streak at a variety of award shows creating multiple world records.

Would you want to see Jung Ho-yeon on 'Euphoria'?