'Squid Game' Jung Ho-yeon addresses fans' concerns over her drastic weight loss, reveals reason

Model and actress Jung Ho-yeon who came into the limelight with the thriller series 'Squid Game' has since been a hot topic of discussion. Recently, when she uploaded some pictures of herself on Instagram, her drastic weight loss was clearly visible and it made a lot of headlines, fans were concerned about her well being.

However, during her interview with STARNEWS, where she opened up about her weight loss, her busy schedule, self-quarantine among other things. She commented that how changes in self-quarantine measures from the US to Italy took a toll on her mind. Anyway, now she plans to take a break and catch a breath from her busy schedule.

Addressing the concerns of fans for her health, she revealed the reason "There was no time to eat in the US. So I lost too much weight. Clothes that used to fit me well when I first went to the US are now loose. I lost 4 kg in 10 days after the premiere of "Squid Game," but I have lost more." However, it's a relief that she is doing well now. We hope she takes good care of her health.