'Squid Game' star Jung Hoyeon makes it to The Weeknd's music video!

The breakout actress, Jung Hoyeon is appearing in Weeknd's music video 'Out of Time'!

The Weeknd announced it by releasing a scene on his Instagram on April 1st, in which he and Jung Hoyeon are in the elevator holding hands. She smiles brightly at him and both look in love. The caption of the video said, "out of time : tuesday".

Soon he released another scene from the music video, which was also reposted by Jung Hoyeon on her Instagram story. This would be the first time for her to appear in an American music video. The two icons already had an interaction when he posted a picture of her in October 2021 when Squid Game went viral. And now, fans are excited to see them together in a frame. The music video titled 'Out of Time' is set to release on April 5. Are you guys excited?