Step aside Akshay Kumar, Ashutosh Rana, and Paresh Rawal. Should Trans actors play Trans roles in cinema?

Bollywood has never been trans friendly. Most of the representation has either been that of a villain or used for some sort of comic relief. Both, of course, are offensive. Especially given how marginalised the community is in India.

Recently, Adah Sharma essayed the role of a trans woman in the series Pati Patni Aur Panga, and the depiction was absolutely outrageous. Cis gender actors win accolades for portraying trans roles, they get praised for taking up this "challenging" role. But there's possibly so many trans actors willing to act. They wouldn't find space to act in cis roles, so why is that okay the other way around? A man wouldn't play a woman or vice versa, so it's strange that cis people can depict trans people. The main issue with this is not only the representation but the fact that cis people aren't able to tell trans stories in a nuanced, positive, and empathetic manner. Prime series Paatal Lok did it right and actually cast a trans actor. What do you think?