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Steve Aoki was not wrong when he said that k-pop represents the future of pop music.

Steve Aoki is an American DJ producer known for is EDMs hip hop genre electric pop music and not to forget his immense love for k-pop shares that this pandemic was a blessing for him. Though he wasn’t touring, he was able to connect with many through his music, also says that it was really fun being able to work on his music without much travel . his heart filled with unbounded love for k-pop wishes to collab with k-pop girl group Blackpink next. The artist has previously had a collaboration with biggest boy band on the planet BTS, Monsta X, and the most recent one with A.C.E . Obviously who wouldn’t love to collab with the artists of the music industry that is growing with the greatest pace in the world right now? Moreover if it’s with Steve Aoki then, you guys be ready to stream another masterpiece!

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