STOP BEING SO INSENSITIVE: A request to all the Bollywood Celebrities vacationing amidst a Global Pandemic

To be very honest, my mental health is a little messed up right now due to everything going on in our country and now we have one more week of complete lockdown in Delhi. I am feeling anxious just thinking about being stuck in these four walls of my home for another week and looking at all these people vacationing, out in open air, enjoying the beach or mountain view and having fun with their friends is taking a huge toll on my mental health.

And not to be a hypocrite, but if I had the means to go on a vacation with my friends and family, just to relax for a couple of days, I probably would but would I show off me and my friends having fun on a beach somewhere on my Instagram knowing that my followers are struggling just to get through this time? Absolutely Not.

I understand that they wanna relax, I am sure that this past year wasn't easy for them either but if you really understand how it felt to be stuck at home, without socialising, struggling financially, mentally, physically and emotionally, why would you share these photos with everyone in such a difficult time. Just Imagine, people are mourning the death of their loved ones, they’ve come to social media to distract themselves, and there you are at a beach enjoying yourself. Is it really that necessary to share how much fun you are having when thousands of people are dying across the world.

These celebrities are idols and they are worshipped by so many people, they have to be a role model for their millions of followers, and currently, they are not doing the best job. I wish I could just let them know that I understand you travelling but at least be responsible and sensitive enough to not show off the fun you are having on social media. You are responsible for millions of people. Think about them a little.

To all the people who are struggling right now, just know that we will get through this together. Just stay strong.