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Stop Criticising The OnesWho Are Genuinely Trying To Help Instead Of Flaunting Their Privilege And Vacationing

As we're all aware, the second wave of COVID-19 in India has been devastating. With lakhs of people getting infected daily and thousands of new deaths across the country, hospitals are running out of beds, oxygen and medicine for patients. In such situations any kind of help from anybody should be appreciated and not criticised. The kind hearted actress-philanthropist Sushmita Sen tried doing just that by arranging oxygen cylinders for a hospital in Delhi.

She had shared a video of the hospital's CEO breaking down on camera at the lack of oxygen in his hospital. Asking for help, she tweeted, 'This is deeply heart breaking...oxygen crisis is everywhere. I have managed to organise a few oxygen cylinders for this hospital but have no way to transport it to Delhi from Mumbai...please help me find a way’. Little did she know that she will be faced with criticism for the same.

People slammed her for sending oxygen cylinders to Delhi when she could've given them to Mumbai hospitals that are facing the same crisis. Some wrote, 'If Oxygen Crisis is everywhere why are you sending it to Delhi instead of giving it to some similar hospital in Mumbai.'

Was it right to criticise Sushmita Sen for arranging oxygen cylinders for Delhi instead of Mumbai hospital? Instead of applauding her this is what the netizens are asking her?


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