Strawberries and Argan oil for those stubborn blemishes!

I'm always looking to try new sheet masks. I already tried some from other brands but this was my first from Nykaa. I have acne prone skin so my skin also has blemishes. Everyone knows how tough it is to get rid of the marks and scars. I came across Nykaa Skin Secrets Strawberry + Argan Oil Sheet Mask for Blemishes and ordered it recently. I've heard the benefits of strawberries and their detoxing effect and also argon oil for treating acne marks and scars. Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet Masks, where touted beauty secrets from the soils of India meet the cutting-edge technology of Korea. Carefully chosen, we bring you 27 variants that are crafted with an eco-friendly Lyocell fabric that provides a smooth feel and cotton like comfort. Infused with serum, these sheets give you a major boost of hydration and are specifically made to target all your skin concerns. It gets absorbed in skin really quickly and leaves it feels fresh and great. I haven't seen big effects for scars and blemishes but I do see them less inflamed. I will surely order more to use and see if it's more effective. Do you love sheet masks?