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Stray kids’ “Maknae on Top” top it all..!

I.N released a music video for “Maknae on Top”, featuring group members Bang Chan and Changbin. I.N and Bang Chan composed the song, and lyrics were written by I.N, Changbin, and Bang Chan. "Maknae on Top" is an exciting addition to the mix. I.N confidently proclaims himself as "the real big shot in SKZ," hitting his hyungs with "straight facts" and attitude. And in the video hyungs are seen shining his shoes, delicately holding his photocards, and dueling for his attention and affection. Changbin's rap verse was adorable along with a collage of baby Jeongin photos. The lyrics "Man, he really grew up," were the highlight for me! Through the YouTube description, I.N wrote “Please enjoy watching and listening to it!” he wrote. “I’ll keep releasing various different songs and music! Finally, I hope that all the maknaes listening to this will hang in there…! Thank you!”

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