Successful Bollywood celebs who never graduated!

There are certain celebs in Bollywood that have made their mark in the industry at a very young age in order to pursue their dreams. Few of the biggest celebrities aren't graduates and some haven't even completed schooling. Here's a list of celebs who are successful now and proved education isn't everything.

1) Ranbir Kapoor - Ranbir scored 54% in his tenth grade. He told his parents that he didn't want to study further. Ranbir didn't even complete high school properly. However, he did study filmmaking in New York, but in the end, he's successful.

2) Aishwarya Rai - Aishwarya initially had plans to pursue a career in medicine but then she enrolled herself in Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture. Later, she dropped the idea of becoming an architect to pursue a career in modeling.

3) Katrina Kaif - This foreign beauty, started her career as a model at the age of 14 and quit school soon. She came to India and continued modeling here. Gradually she gained a name for herself and entered Bollywood. She's one of the top-rated actresses currently.

4) Kangana Ranaut - The queen of Bollywood left school at the age of 17, earlier she wanted to become a doctor but she didn't find herself good at science subjects and decided to change her stream and went for acting instead. She is a very talented actress and doesn't require any male lead in her movies!

5) Arjun Kapoor - Star kind Arjun Kapoor failed to pass his 12th grade as he wasn't a bright student. He began working behind the scenes like assisting big directors. Salman Khan mentored and groomed him into becoming a man worth being his films and that's how he got his first movie Ishaqzaade.

6) Karishma Kapoor - Karishma began her film career at the tender age of 16. She couldn't concentrate much on her studies and thus failed to complete class 12. She ruled the silver screen during the '90s and is still loved by everyone.

7) Salman Khan - Much loved by the masses, Salman did his schooling at St. Stanislaus High School, Mumbai. However, he wasn't keen on completing his academics and dropped out! He pursued what he loved that is acting and the rest is history!

8) Akshay Kumar - Akshay completed his schooling at Don Bosco High School in Mumbai. He did take admission in Guru Nanak College but dropped out to go to Singapore to pursue martial arts!