Is Suhana getting launched by Zoya an excellent PR move?

Suhana Khan‘s team is working very hard for the launch. They don't want anything to go wrong. Most importantly they don't want people hating her before her launch and it seems they will go extinct to protect SRK’s little princess. If Karan was launching Suhana with one of his Soty Franchisees or a movie like that, people will hate to throw unnecessary hate on her. The fact that Suhana‘s debut director Zoya Akhtar has left people wondering about Suhana’s new strategy to make an entry into the film industry. People have high hopes for Shahrukh’s children and they expect a lot from Suhana. Unlike Shanaya, Janhvi, and Ananya, Suhana made a smart choice by choosing Zoya Akhtar as her debut director.