Sun safety guide

Sun exposure is the main culprit for many skin issues.

During peak sun times or in summers,just sunscreen might not be enough. It's better to avoid sun during such times. Stay indoors during 11am -3pm as the sun is strongest during this time.

Use umbrella or hat or UV protective clothing if u have to go out during this time apart from sunscreen.

Sunscreen wears off every 2 hrs of sun exposure and after swimming or excess sweating. So reapplication is important to get the protection. Sunscreen is not a serum that u use 2 or 4 drops. Sunscreen has to be applied adequately- 3 finger rule of sunscreen or 1/2 teaspoon.

Don't forget to apply and reapply sunscreen on your neck, ears, lips, under eyes and other exposed parts.

If you are using a chemical sunscreen then you have to apply it 15-30 mins before sun exposure. Do protect your hair by covering it with a scarf. Avoid using actives like AHA, retinol during the day as the increase the photosensitivity.

Swipe right to see the penetration level of UV A,B and C rays.

NOTE- Parabens are not harmful. They are very good preservatives. Only if they exceed certain limit, that's a issue. Also Oxybenzone is a controversial sunscreen filter. Some research says they are absorbed into blood while certain studies say it requires thousand of years for oxybenzone to mutate DNA. There isn't much clarity on it so I prefer to avoid it.