Sunday Night Classics: Ardh Satya, The Half Truth.

After a long week and an infinitely small weekend, all of us deserve to see some classic mindful cinema to get ourselves all prepped up for the next ultimate challenge, Monday! So sit back, grab your soda and allow me, Jasdeep Singh to introduce you today's Sunday Night Classic, "Ardh Satya, The Half Truth".

The Story As the name suggests, Ardh Satya is about the other side of the truth(some might call it coin) that we do not see. It's the story of a young and honest cop whose pride and masculinity means everything to him. And his struggles to deal with his inner demons when forced to work in a corrupted system. Vijay Tendulkar, a noted playwright has written the screenplay while the title comes from a poem written by Dilip Chitre. The Performances Om Puri as the sub inspector Anant velankar delivers one of his most seamless acting performances on the big screen. Be it the physical or psychological aspect of the character he keeps of firm grip on both of them. His dialogue delivery is spectacular. Not to mention an equally amazing supporting cast in Smita Patil, Amrish Puri and Naseeruddin Shah.

The Verdict- The film talks about the struggles of a young man between his own ideas and the stark reality of the corrupted world around him. A topic that is very much relevant and prevailing in today's context. So if you are up for some hard hitting realistic drama backed by a strong storyline Ardh Satya is surely going to impress you. You can watch it on ZEE5 IMDB 8.2 ~J