Sunflower Review (Zee5 ) - Sunil Grover and team has the perfect material for your binge fest this weekend.

Sunil Grover anchors the engrossing dark comedy which is packed with dark humor and amazing performances. Directors Vikas Bahl and Rahul Sengupta fuse murder mystery and black comedy in a binge-worthy erratic zee original worth your time.


Laughs and Thrills :


Sunflower is in short a wacky murder mystery with dark humor throughout. I couldn't find a dull moment in the show. Each scene has a reason either to intrigue you enough or to tickle your funny bones. Every character has done a fabulous job, whether its Sunil's pyrotechnics or the society admission interviews. All make you laugh hard and simultaneously the mystery keeps you glued to your screens.


Stellar Casting :


Vikas Bahl's OTT debut as director seeked attention when i came to know about the stellar cast. Sunil Grover, Ranvir Shorey, Girish Kulkarni, Ashish Vidyarthi and the count goes on. Of all things the cast and their performances keeps you hooked and you can't avoid but are forced to binge watch all 8 episodes on the go. Sunil Grover stands out for no new reason. He anchors the show and is the most you connect with. His best work undoubtedly.


Watch it or Skip it?


In a year we roughly get handpicked shows to recommend made in hindi, but this one is a sure shot recommendation. Watch it for all it has. This is the kind of shows we need , entertaining and engaging. Sunflower may be not a masterpiece but is one of the best hindi shows this year.