Sunny Leone Bags Her First Anurag Kashyap Film?

She never anticipated experiencing such a day in her lifetime! So for Sunny Leone, it was a dream come true when Anurag Kashyap cast her in his upcoming movie.

The actress' social media message made it apparent that she is ecstatic to have landed her first Anurag assignment.

Taking to Instagram, Sunny posted a fun picture with the filmmaker and wrote: "Yes my smile is 'ear to ear' because dreams do come true! I never in a million years thought someone as amazing like @anuragkashyap10 would take a chance on me. My journey has been amazing but by no means 'easy'." Sunny added: "After so many years of being in India and in Bollywood, I received a call asking if I would audition for an Anurag film. There are moments in life where everything changes.. this is my moment in my head and heart. No matter how things turn out, you took a chance on me Anurag Sir and I will never forget that in my life. Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing film. @dirrty99 & @sunnyrajani my steady rocks guiding me love you!"

Anurag also posted the picture that Sunny shared, along with another photo which included her husband Daniel Weber.

Its a big deal for Sunny