Sunscreen Facts You Probably Didn't Know!

- Your Skin needs SPF 30 and above to protect yourself from skin cancer and ageing.

- Apply liberally for protection and don't forget your lip, neck, ears and any other exposed areas.

- Always dab and blend your sunscreen to form an even layer and never rub it.

- It should always be the last step of your skincare routine.

- You need to apply it indoors too as lights can also lead to photo ageing.

- You need to re apply sunscreen every 2 - 3 hours if you are outdoors. This maximises the effect of the sunscreen.

- Apply sunscreen before you do your makeup to a clean dry face.

- You need to wear sunscreen every single day, in every single season, no matter what the weather forecast says and even if you're not spending the day outside. Sun damage can happen in any weather condition, as the sun's UV rays can pass through even the thickest of clouds. Hence, it's important to wear sunscreen every single day!

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