The Sunscreen Saga #BeautyTruthBomb

Year-round, sunscreen is the utmost effective way to protect your skin from cancer-causing ultraviolet rays, as well as premature aging, which is the main reason for fine lines, deeper wrinkles, blotchiness, and discoloration. So never skip applying your skin with a generous amount of sunscreen. 


Even if I am at home, I apply sunscreen daily because the UV rays can still damage our skin from our windows. If you don’t apply the sunscreen, it can cause many skin problems – pigmentation, premature aging, dark spots, tanning, sunburn. So, I apply sunscreen each and every day rain or shine. I reapply sunscreen every 4 hours so that it prevents my skin from sun damage.


So do add the sunscreen in your everyday skincare routine with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or above. If you are planning for a vacation then apply an additional sunscreen with sweat-resistant and water properties.