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You wanna know a secret to stay young forever?? Well well well! I wish there was any :( But don't get disappointed just yet!! You surely can delay your ageing All you need to do is apply a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection Sunscreen and voila you'll have the skin of your dreams! You might be feeling like I have exaggerated this a bit too much. Right? But trust me there will never be enough praises when it comes to sunscreens! You can have a very good skincare routine with all the right products and ingredients but if you don't wear a sunscreen then it's all in vain. Sunscreen protects our skin from harmful UV rays which can cause number of skin problems like hyperpigmentation, sun spots, photoaging , melasma and above all skin cancer. It's bit a difficult task to find a perfect sunscreen that is budget friendly as well as doesn't feel heavy and leave a white cast. It's a hit and trial method. Well I have found my holy grail sunscreen which is from La shield! Now it's your turn!


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