Super Junior's Ryeowook hits back at a fan who fat-shamed him for dating!

Super Junior is one of the most successful second-gen boygroup. They debuted in 2005 and they are still one of the most famous boy groups out there. All nine members of the group are in their early or late 30's and are busy with their personal and professional lives. Following the hate that Heechul received for dating Momo, now Ryeowook is being fat-shamed by an ELF for dating Ari from Tahiti.

The fan commented under a video posted by Ryeowook on his personal YouTube channel. The now-deleted comment said "Ryeowook.. Let's go on a diet already, just because you're dating is that a reason to be lazy with your image care? If that's how it is, then how can you keep making money off of fans.. Just leave the group and go open a cafe with your girlfriend or something.. As someone who has been a fan for over 10 years, I pity you." A very hateful statement when a lot of idols are already dealing with so many body image issues.

Ryeowook hit back at her by saying that “You pity me. Well, I pity you. You liked me for 10 years. That's kind of scary. I wonder if, throughout those 10 years, the person you really loved was not me, but yourself and the act of being someone's devoted fan. I hope you will be able to look at yourself as who you really are. Also, I didn't make the money that I made because of you, I made money by working hard in my own place. The time that I spent on this career is filled with the effort that you can't even begin to imagine, and it is my own path. Don't speak carelessly. And don't live while hurting others. That energy that you are spending is going to waste. Don't love anyone else either. Just live all alone your whole life. So you won't be able to hurt anyone else." even though the reply is a little harsh, the fan should be reminded of their boundaries and that their idols are also humans.