Supporting K-Drama characters who actually stole the show!

The main leads of a K-Drama are generally set in a mold in accordance with the plot. They go through struggles and pains to finally find a happy ending. But supporting characters are a whole different breed and thus are loved by everyone!

1. Han Sung in “Hwarang”

Admit it, we all cried our eyes out when Han Sung’s character died in the series. With his dreamy innocence and a noble heart, BTS’s V managed to steal the spotlight from the lead Park Seo-Jun. We cannot forget his adorable sword dance too.

2. Eum So Hye from "Her Private Life"

Kim Sun Young is a well-renowned actress in Korea. Her role and her fashion sense in the drama turned her into a scene-stealer. The weird hairstyles and creepy voice will forever be iconic.

3. Oh Han Gyeol from "Moment At Eighteen"

From a substitute teacher to a full-time teacher, Kang Ki Young’s performance in the drama became a scene-stealer. He was also dubbed as the life of the party off-screen as well. Seems like he is a professional scene-stealer both on and off-screen.

4. Jung Min Joo in “Memories of the Alhambra”

Usually, the main lead’s sibling does not get much attention but it is not so in the case of Min Joo (Lee Re). She plays Park Shin Hye‘s sister, but most of her scene-stealing moments are her scenes with Hyun Bin. Her sweet-talking gets the audience to love her even more.