'Survivors Guilt': Something we are not talking about enough during the Pandemic

I reside in Delhi and flew on a vacation to my hometown towards the end of March, right before the peak of the Pandemic. Now I stay at a very secluded town with a small population where COVID spread is not as wide as yet. Over here in my bubble, All I was hearing about were deadly news reports at my city in Delhi. Almost all my friends in Delhi contracted the virus and some of them had serious complications. A lot of my friends who were pregnant went through a traumatic experience in their already difficult state & my parents live in a containment zone.

I felt helpless and restless. I felt that 'Something big' is yet to come and was constantly worried. I did some reading and contacted a specialist regarding what I was feeling. I learned that 'Survivor's Guilt' is a thing and often experienced when some recovers from an illness - which is 60% of our population now! I understood that those who have recovered would be more affected than I am. This is what my specialist advised on how I handled my mental state -

1. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Can't elaborate it enough. Always be mindful.

2. Survivor's guilt is real and seek immediate help if you are unable to control your thoughts. Type #Depression on Instagram and it will list out a number of centres you can contact if you are feeling anxious.

3. Practice Gratitude. It may feel difficult during these times but try to spend atleast 10 minutes practicing it.

4. Engage in activities you love

5. Call your loved ones & check in on them often. Have you felt how I have?