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From Sushmita Sen to Neena Gupta, 5 Women Who Dared To Make Their Own Way

1) Sushmita Sen :- She was on peak of her career when she suddenly thought of going into the phase of motherhood. She decided to adopt a baby without getting married. Sushmita Sen even said that you don’t need a man to have kids. This sure, did created a lot of controversies and issues for her, but she was firm on her decision. She fought through all the odds and now she is a proud mother of two beautiful girls.

2) Neena Gupta :- Neena Gupta is unapologetic for all the decisions that she has taken in her life. She did not care about the world when she was dating cricketer Viv Richards. Though they never got married but Neena Gupta decided to raise her child alone and fulfilled all her responsibilities as a mother. Her daughter Masaba is a well known fashion designer and doing very well in the fashion industry.

3) Shabana Azmi :- The women of so much caliber and intellect was always in news for her bold choices of roles in the 70’s and 80’s She always preferred doing something out of her comfort zone and would keep experimenting with her roles. One such film was “Fire”,it was a first mainstream hindi film to explore homosexual love. It is maybe because of all such choices that she made in her career she is the only actor to hold 5 national awards to her credit.

4) Smita Patil :- Smita Patil was one of the most versatile actresses of her time who broke the stereotypes of having to be fair-skinned to be an actress in the films. She was also an active feminist and deeply felt for the hardships of women. Smita Patil was a member of Women’s Centre in Mumbai and was always up to endorse the movies which highlighted the role of a women in Indian society.

5) Silk Smita :- In days when women were supposed to sit indoors and not come out, she broke all that and did what she felt like doing without the fear of the society. She was one of the first actresses to be referred as a ‘sex symbol’ in films. The movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ was inspired by her story and went on to receive several awards.


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