Sustainable is the New Clean

The global pandemic has changed the way we do pretty much everything. The way we work, the way we school, the way we shop for groceries, and the way we approach our skincare. As we spend more time behind screens and their dreaded front-facing cameras, more people are seeking “Zoom glow ups” and at-home treatments have become the “new normal.” Home-made masks, DIY skincare, and using all the possible ingredients in your kitchen have been a boom. Hanks to the growing technology and innovative minds, people came up with some crazy DIYs, skincare regime, and solution to pretty much all skin related problem. Glass skin, Koran skincare, Skinimalism or De-stressing skincare, name it and we’ve got it all covered (in our kitchens, of course) Lockdown and global pandemic changed the way we see skincare regime and made turmeric, oats, sandalwood, and green tea extract our forever friends!!