Swara's new decision is indeed the best!!

This year actress Swara Bhasker, celebrated Diwali with young girls at an orphanage in Delhi and signed up as a prospective adoptive parent with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) soon afterwards. She is currently on the waiting list to adopt a child.

In an interview, Swara said, “I’ve always wanted a family and children. I realised that adoption was a way to marry these things. Luckily in India, the State allows single women to adopt. I met many couples who have adopted children, met some children who were adopted and are now almost adults. I read up on the process and experience... I know the waiting period is long, often as long as three years, but I can’t wait to be a parent to a child through adoption."

Adopting a child and giving new family to them is no doubt a good deed. I am really proud of Swara for taking this step.

What do you think about this decision of Swara Bhaskar?