Sweet Home-Webtoon vs Drama

The basics of the story were the same in both the webtoon and drama and the drama also kept Hyunsu's character exactly as it was in the webtoon, including his brilliantly shocking backstory.

Other than this, there were some differences between the webtoon and the drama. Some small changes were made in their names for example Hyun became Hyunsu, Hyuk became Eunhyuk, etc. Some bigger changes were the completely changed backstories and personalities of some characters and even added new characters.

The biggest and most significant change however was the ending. The webtoon is finished and shows how the monsters evolve and why all this is happening. The drama on the other hand ended on a cliffhanger and will have a second season. It didn't explain much about the monsters yet and they definitely didn't evolve.

Overall, I highly recommend this drama to everyone how likes the fantasy, thriller, or horror genre.